Financing A Property In France

Financing A Property In France

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Many of our buyers require financing for their property purchase and instead of sending our clients to a multitude of French banks we have chosen to partner with an expert in the area of international financing.

The Spectrum IFA Group is a pan-European financial advisory brokerage with many years of experience assisting property investors with their purchase. Spectrum advisers have successfully secured over 600 loans in France for resident and non-resident buyers and work with a broad range of lending institutions and banks.

They remain fully up to date at all times with the French mortgage market and as every buyer’s situation is different they can quickly advise you as to what type of loan will be possible for you and what sort of rate you are likely to get.

Lending criteria in France is very strict and so not all lenders will be able to lend for your situation, cutting out wasted time approaching a lender who would never lend to you is vital,
Spectrum will do this for you and their advisers do not charge any fees for this service. Spectrum’s interests are directly aligned with yours as they do not receive any remuneration if they do not get a loan agreed for you.

In addition because The Spectrum IFA Group is not just a mortgage broker they are able to assist with every financial aspect of property ownership and management. They have a network of tax lawyers, accountants and notaries to ensure all considerations are taken at the outset to structure the property purchase in the most efficient manner.

Sometimes complex cases occur when a French retail bank will not be able to intervene means that the network of private banks and asset managers that Spectrum has spent 10 years building should be able to assist and lend, often in a very efficient manner.

There are many advantages for having a mortgage in France, even if you have the funds to buy the property in the first place, especially if you are not tax resident in France; for example a back-to-back interest only loan can substantially reduce or eliminate any French wealth tax liability, reduce income tax liability on rental income and mitigate French inheritance tax at the same time, if it is correctly structured.

Spectrum are regulated and authorised to advise and execute these sorts of loans for their clients and have excellent connections across Europe to secure the very best deals.

Your local point of contact is Peter Brooke who has a broad range of experience, qualifications and knowledge in all aspects of wealth protection, personal tax, mortgage applications and wealth management.