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One of the most famous cities on the French Riviera, and indeed the world, is without doubt Cannes. The word itself conjures up images of glamorous movies stars, elegance, style, and romantic ambiance. For about eleven days each May, the red carpets are rolled out and the image becomes reality. However, outside the festival season, Cannes retains an idyllic, genuine small town feel, with pleasant local shops, sparkling beaches, and vibrant markets.

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The south of France is a wonderful place to live or simply visit, with Cannes one of its most desirable locations. The superb climate here gives you perfect warm summers and pleasantly mild winters. It has been an investment destination of choice for people looking for the good things in life since ancient Greek and Roman times. The ideal destination, however long your stay, be it permanent or temporary.

Knight Frank France offers an extensive range of Real Estate including luxury villas for sale Cannes with landscaped gardens, pools and spectacular views, modern and luxury apartments for sale Cannes incorporating the most up to-date amenities and facilities, penthouse apartments, farmhouses and fishing cottages. Renovation projects too are seen by investors as an option of opportunity. Whatever your requirements, we at Knight Frank France will provide a personal service second to none; with a portfolio of Cannes real estate & experienced representatives here to assist you in finding the Cannes property we will always meet your exact specification.

The old part of the town lies a little north of La Croisette and offers spectacular views over the azure waters of the Mediterranean and the Island of Sainte Margueite which lies just a half mile offshore. In 1687 "the man in the iron mask" [Eustache Dauger] was imprisoned here. At the top of the Suquet hill the Church of Notre-Dame de l'Esperance [16th-17th century] is imposing, looking more like an ancient fortress than a Gothic style church, and is particularly beautiful at night when illuminated.

Tourism came to Cannes with the opening of the railways in the late nineteenth century and it was these rail links which prompted investment and the development of a number of large scale building projects. The beautiful architecture of Cannes varies incredibly in influence and size and is inspired by everything from medieval castles and Roman villas, to the grand constructions of the golden era. Amongst the most prestigious areas for Cannes properties is the Le Suquet in the old quarter of Cannes, best known for its winding cobbled streets lined with exquisite restaurants and boutiques. Le Suquet contains a clock tower and church that face east overlooking the Bay of Cannes and Cannes itself. This area is the original Fisherman's residential area of Cannes. The houses are all very old with the streets dating back at least 400 years. A lot of the area is off limits to vehicles and is a major tourist attraction for visitors to Cannes.

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Things To Do In Cannes


Today, there are an impressive number of art galleries and museums to visit in and around the city of Cannes; there are parks and gardens in which to enjoy a leisurely stroll and remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For those wishing to venture farther afield, it is the ideal stepping stone to Provence, Monaco and Italy. Cannes is renowned for its architecture and picturesque beaches, it is highly regarded for its stylish boutiques and luxurious restaurants, and is the choice of many seeking the leisurely and luxurious lifestyle this most famous of locations has to offer.


Bars - For those wanting a taste of Britain whilst being submerged in the Cannes lifestyle, there are a range of bars that have native, or at least fluent, English speakers. Cannes boasts some of the most elegant and contemporary bars, including the world famous Le Baoli, a favourite hot spot for movie and sports stars alike.

Clubs - Cannes boasts a variety of clubs, both indoor and outdoor, to enjoy all year round. Unlike clubs in most countries, clubs in France can stay open until 7am, giving you the chance to experience the music, atmosphere and specialist servings from each and every one of them.

Restaurants - There are plenty of exquisite restaurants to frequent in Cannes, many with notable Michelin Star status. Enjoy a range of dining destinations throughout the city with incredibly cooked dishes accompanied with the finest champagnes and wines.

Casinos - Have fun in some of the world-class casinos in Cannes. Only the finest dressed are granted entry, suit and ties are essential so not every average Joe off the street can clog up the tables.


Amenities & Facilities - The most popular place to find high quality, local produce is the Marche Forville. The area around the market, nicknamed "the belly of Cannes", is completely pedestrianized to allow people to enjoy the leisure's of one of the best outdoor markets in Europe.

If you love fashion and design, delve into the worlds of Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Gucci, Hermes and Chanel or you can take a trip down the back streets and speak to the local designers and merchants for something completely unique and extraordinarily luxurious.

Cannes has to provide the best of boutique and beauty. The residents and tourists can'Â?t be loosely dressed when the film festival comes to town, so top of the range and exceptionally beautiful items are widely available.

For your supermarket shopping, Monoprix department store is a winner. Offering ease of access if you choose to do "normal" shopping, or you can select the home delivery option. Simply do your shopping as normal then go to the special home delivery check-out.

Tip: It is illegal to sell alcohol after 10pm. So if you want something fruity to drink, shop early for it.

Beaches - The Cannes local authorities are proud of their beaches, so smoking is prohibited on the Bijou Plage and Les Rochers beaches and 650,000 Euros are spent reclaiming 25,000 cubic metres of sand from the sea to replenish and refresh the beautiful sands. Sea-swimmers are protected from jellyfish with specialist nets along some of the public beaches, and there are plenty of beach and water-based sports or activities to participate in or keep the children entertained.

Cannes Autodrome - Passionate about luxurious classic cars and brand new high-speed supercars? Cannes Autodrome houses a plethora of makes and models of all ranges of classic and super cars, from Bentleys to Paganis and Rolls Royce to Lamborghinis among many more. 

Cannes Schools

There are a number of private schools along the French Riviera that offer complete and rounded teaching of the highest degree.


Internationale School of Nice - Also an established secondary school, ISN is the leading international school in the French Riviera offering students the chance to gain International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. ISN is accredited by the Council of International Schools, meets extremely high academic and professional standards, has 42 nationalities enrolled and teaches in English and French.

Hummingbirds: The Bilingual Montessori School - A safe and welcoming environment for children between 2 and 12 years old, Montessori "hummingbirds" are taught to be creative, independent and confident within themselves, whilst also preparing them for secondary school education and future life with bilingual lessons and a thorough curriculum.


Mougins School - Boasting excellent IGCSE, A/S and A level results, Mougins School is a private school teaching an adapted British curriculum to an international community of students aged between 3 and 18 years. On its purpose-built campus, with excellent facilities, a stimulating environment and a culturally rich family of students and teachers, Mougins School continuously helps its students develop mentally, physically and socially.

Lycée Fénelon - A state-controlled private school which teaches a bilingual British curriculum and offering the Diplome National du Brevet and the French Baccalaureate. Student admission is dependent on an interview, preliminary exams and a review of previous school reports.

International College of Valbonne (CIV) - Teaching French ex-pats and foreign children whose parents want their child to follow the French programme of study, CIV is a public school that is only one of six schools to have international sections, including Anglo-American, German, Spanish and Italian and offers a globally recognised International Baccalaureate Diploma qualification.

Travelling To Cannes

Tourism came to Cannes with the opening of the railways in the late nineteenth century, and with was these rail links which prompted investment and the development of a number of large scale building projects.

There are numerous ways to get to Cannes:

By Air - Most Cannes-bound air passengers will fly into Nice and have to transfer from there. There are numerous ways to transfer, from the mundane train, coach and taxi transport to a more efficient and valued power boat or helicopter journey, taking much less time.

Another, more practical option is to fly direct to Cannes Mandelieu Airport. This airport offers a premier service to private jet passengers travelling to and from the French Riviera from all over the world. Despite being government-owned, there are no scheduled airlines using the airport,

Marinas And Ports - Avoid the inevitable summer traffic jams by sailing around the cape in a powerful water taxi. Used for a range of purposes, from airport transfers and transport services to hotels and restaurants to private luxury champagne tours of the Mediterranean, power boats are a firm favourite mode of transport for British stars such as Joan Collins and Dame Maggie Smith.

There are numerous marinas and ports around the Cannes area with hundreds of mooring areas available for both long and short stays. The Port of Cannes is just 16-miles from Nice, 22-miles from Monaco and 24-miles from Saint-Tropez ports, so it is the perfect place to stay if you're on a tour of the Cote D'Azure. Sea travel has been increasingly popular over recent years, with cruise passenger numbers for 2012 reaching over 390,000 - up 55% from 2011 - because the facilities and efficiency available to passengers is second to none.

By Car - Although the roads can become congested in the hot summer months, driving around Cannes can be a delight. With the roof down and the sun beaming, there is barely a drive anywhere else in the world that can rival the combination of straights and turns that Cannes offers car enthusiasts

Properties In Cannes

Knight Frank France offers an extensive range of Real Estate including luxurious villas with landscaped gardens, pools and spectacular views, along with modern newly built apartments incorporating the most up-to-date amenities and facilities.

Penthouse apartments, renovated farmhouses and tranquil fishing cottages are among some of the other beautiful properties that are on offer within the Cannes region.

Get in touch with the Knight Frank France team and be blown away by our eclectic portfolio of luxurious properties for sale in Cannes. The beautiful architecture of Cannes varies incredibly in influence and size, and is inspired by everything from medieval castles and Roman villas to the grand constructions of the golden era.

Places Close to Cannes

If Cannes doesn't sound like the perfect area for you, there are always the neighbouring communes. Every commune differs in such a way that makes the French Riviera an extremely diverse area of the world, with different cities harbouring different features characteristics.

The three neighbouring areas to Cannes are Mougins, Theoule-sur-mer and Antibes


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