The History of Fireplaces

The History of Fireplaces

A fireplace can be the centrepiece of any home as it can create a lot of character due to the heritage around it. Typically, fireplaces are made from metal, brick or stone and the main use is to heat a room, however throughout history there have been many uses such as cooking and heating up water for domestic purposes.

Fireplace History

Many people believe that fireplaces are a modern innovation, however, as long as records have been kept, fireplaces have always been used in which a fire is kept in a box or pit, then the chimney allows the fumes to escape. Historically, fire pits were built in the ground, usually in caves. As time passed, they were integrated into the home and were always in the centre of the room to ensure that the heat covered every corner.

Thousands of years later when two storey buildings became more popular, the design changed to the fireplace being placed on the outside wall. During this period, the chimney was invented as smoke naturally rises, it often resulted to smoke being blown into the room.

Today, fireplaces are used to create a relaxing mood in the home aswell as heating the room. There are different designs available which have a range of heat efficiencies.

Our Properties

Here at Knight Frank EN SAS we have some incredible real estate properties across the French Riviera which include show stopping fireplaces. We have listed some of them below:

The traditional fireplace is placed in the open plan living/dining area which gives it a homely look by giving the fairly modern home a vintage twist. The home offers a lot of both interior and exterior space with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a wooden decking area.

The large fireplace takes centre stage in the living room in the beautiful miniature chateau in Cannes. The location of the property is perfect as it offers breathtaking views and is only 300m to the beach.

The fireplace in this 18th century bastide in Grasse holds a lot of character as it is one of its original features. The sheer size of the property is impressive as it has 8 bedrooms, a guardian house and an external gym.

This home takes a modern spin on the fireplace which works with the contemporary interior design of the property. The home was built in 2010 to the highest possible standards and comes with high tech features and a living space which will be suited to a large family.

This villa is located in a private domain in Saint Paul de Vence and is a development opportunity as it holds construction rights. The stunning features include a fireplace, cathedral ceiling and cellar area.

A fireplace can transform a space into a cosy home due to the heritage around it, fireplaces have been around for centuries and they still have the ability to take the limelight in a whole room.